WordCamp Milwaukee: Zazzy WordPress Menus

I am excited to be part of a pretty steller speaker lineup for WordCamp Milwaukee on June 2 & 3rd, 2012.

Tickets for WordCamp Milwaukee are still available for only $20.00 a person. Purchase a ticket now.

My topic will be customizing WordPress menus (in a slightly modified version of my talk at WordCamp Atlanta), or as I have titled it…

Zazzy WordPress Menus with CSS Tricks and jQuery Magic

Zazzles the Cat

Navigation is among the most important elements of a website’s design. Effective navigation allows visitors to quickly and easily find desired content, keeping them on your site.

The session will begin with a review of the custom menu structuring from within WordPress, including how to extend the flexibility of the Menus screen with available screen options. Then we will move onto how you can style your navigation menu with modifications to your theme’s CSS stylesheet. We will cover:

  • using and styling submenus
  • adding icons to navigation items
  • changing the formatting of hovered or active items
  • adding support for menu item descriptions

Finally, I will demonstrate a few more advanced techniques using jQuery and CSS that can improve your visitor’s experience and improve conversions.

  • Split long drop-down menus into columns


Did you notice 6 of the 14 speakers are female :)

Update: June 2, 2012

Looking for the slides or theme files used in this presentation?

View Presentation Slides

2 thoughts on “WordCamp Milwaukee: Zazzy WordPress Menus”

  1. Hi Rachel! I love your Bootstrap WP theme. Thanks for all your great work.

    The YouTube link here appears to be broken. Is the Zazzy video still live?

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