Bootstrap theme for WordPress

Use Bootstrap with WordPress for a solid base for custom theme development.

Download Theme v.1.0 – Release

The development of BootstrapWP is powered by the 1000+ commits to the Bootstrap project, Sublime Text 2 and lots of Diet Coke.

Use this starter theme to make something cool. Please share the results with me via Twitter @rachelbaker.

WARNING BootstrapWP is not supported, and receives only sporadic updates. If you are not a developer, this theme is not recommended.


Download the BootstrapWP theme, and install to your WordPress site.

Important To safely retain the ability to update the less files with future versions of Bootstrap or BootstrapWP, add all custom edits/changes inside the less/bswp-custom.less file.

Create a page that uses the template Hero Homepage Template, then under Settings->Reading set your site to use a static front page selecting your new page. Add content to the three "Home" widget areas under Appearances->Widgets.

Create a menu under `Appearances->Menus` and assign it be your site's Main Menu.

Support Information

This theme is provided without warranty. It is meant to be used by WordPress theme developers as a base to customize, style and tweak to create custom WordPress themes.

Warning A knowledge of WordPress theme development practices as well as understanding of HTML, CSS/LESS, jQuery and PHP are required.

Have a Bug to Report?

Please report all issues on the repo's Issue Tracker. Remember to provide as much information as possible regarding the bug/issue you are reporting so a patch can be released.

Want to Contribute?

Pull requests are welcome!