Bootstrap 2.1 is Going Purple

I pulled down the latest updates on the Bootstrap 2.1 WIP branch from Github and was surprised by a new color scheme on their homepage.

Some other changes in their development branch are:

  1. Cleaner looking documentation pages with left navigation
  2. Offsets added for the fluid grid
  3. More display options for javascript popovers
  4. Increased base font-size to 14px
  5. Addition of prepend/append support in search form inputs

There has not been an expected release date posted for Bootstrap 2.1, but 88% of the open release tickets are closed. I am keeping the development branch of BootstapWP up to date with Twitter’s development to have an updated release ready with full Bootstrap 2.1 support.

8 thoughts on “Bootstrap 2.1 is Going Purple”

  1. Hi Rachel, really hope you can help me. I’m using your BootstrapWP and I’ve come across something I can’t seem to solve. I’m trying to make the navbar static so it has space around the top and both sides, I’m sure this is referred to as static but I just can’t seem to implement it on the wordpress theme. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. When I download and try to install this theme to wordpress it says that the file is to big, what should I do after I download this to install it to wordpress?
    Does this work on wordpress multisite?

  3. Hi Rachel: I’ve been wanting to move my hobby site from a Woothemes-theme to a Bootstrap-based theme. I’ve run a few on a test site and I can say that yours is excellent!

    Specifically, your theme allows me to make a child; does not force a re-write of my URLs; and the initialisation doesn’t knacker my menus!

    Thanks so much.

    1. Benjamin,

      There are many other Bootstrap-based WordPress themes out there, I am glad you have enjoyed mine! Thank you for sharing.

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