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8on7 office

I have never won the lottery, any random contest or sweepstakes, but I am lucky. The universe often adjusts to bring me exactly what I need at the right time.

For example, several years ago my previous business was on shaky ground. My largest client had a pile of unpaid invoices, and they were avoiding my calls. I had made the rookie mistake of not building a business, instead I had a permalancership. I was working long hours and wearing out fast. The big client with the unpaid invoices called to tell me they were broke, closing their doors and filing for bankruptcy. I was panicked and stunned. However, later the same day I received an offer from another service company to buy my business. Like I said, lucky.

I started Plugged In Consulting in June of last year. I was working from home and struggling with the unstructured environment. Two respected colleagues recommended I call a guy they knew that wanted to move to a larger office space and share it with others. Skeptical, I gave Ryan Evans a call.

8 People on the 7th Floor of 1608 N. Milwaukee

The space Ryan had to share was not pretty. We have a “quiet room” for private phone calls or brainstorming sessions, and an open room with the desks and chairs of the 8 people that work here from 7 different companies. Our businesses range from accounting to cupcake delivery, however we are all supportive entrepreneurs with a common mindset.

Some of the benefits I receive from our shared office are:

  • An environment conducive to both business creativity and production
  • Sharing and advice on business ideas and problems
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Networking lunches and Starbucks runs
  • Direct access to an awesome accountant – Mike Carney
  • Direct access to a marketing whiz – Ryan Evans
  • Direct access to a project manager/37 signals junkie – Andrew Wicklander
  • Direct access to a social media maven – Mari Laungrath
  • Direct access to a branding and graphic design creative – Patrick Smith
  • Direct access to a VIOP and web application developer – Jonathan Penny
  • Work/home seperation

Business has been growing since moving in last September. I just recently hired a part-time employee, and I am excited for the near future of Plugged In Consulting.

I am not only lucky to be able to build my business in such a supportive environment, I am grateful for all of the inspiration and motivation I receive from 8on7.

Thank you for taking the gamble, Ryan Evans. 8on7 is just what I needed.

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